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Quality Communications & Training

 "Quality Communications and Acceptance 
 of one another are essential for personal
 peace and perhaps, one day, world peace.

                                   Frank S. Adamo

Click on video to view an example of family life as it once was and what we have lost through the advances in communications technology

Mission: To educate our younger generations on the concepts of interpersonal communication skills, relationship building, and other similar skills leading to peaceful solutions. To train and provide the tools for individuals and groups, such as retired teachers and seniors, to educate the younger generations.


Purpose: While technology in communications has exponentially advanced in the past few decades, interpersonal communications has significantly deteriorated resulting in an increase in violent and confrontational activities.We have had increases in mass shootings, bullying, gang related killings, and most recently, knock out games. Almost always, these acts are committed by young 20 to 30 year-old adults, teenagers and even pre-teens. We have discord in the workplace, in government and elsewhere. Parents can’t talk to their children while children talk back to their parents. There has been a decay in respect, responsibility, integrity and morals. Like in the song, Sound of Silence, ten thousand people, maybe more [far more in the 21st Century] are talking without speaking and hearing without listening. And no one has dared to disturb the sound of silence.Well, we must disturb the sound of silence before interpersonal communications become obsolete. One solution is to train our seniors, who grew up with extensive interpersonal communications, to work with and educate the younger generations to develop the skills of quality communications.


Expected Outcome: By educating, training, mentoring, coaching and doing whatever else we can do to develop interpersonal communication and relationship skills, we can effectively reduce mass murders, gang shootings, bullying, domestic abuse as well as other violent confrontations. Eventually, one day, this process could lead to peaceful resolutions throughout the world. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


Consider participating in our Forum. All proper discussions are welcomed.

The song, "Sound of Silence"
includes the lyrics:

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more People talking without speaking People hearing without listening People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence
If you are interested in disturbing
the sound of silence and lessening confrontation and even violence?
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