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A Few Testimonials

A. J. Nunez

U.S. Selective Service Board Member

"You are an example of what is a truly trained andprofessional person...You are the guy who hit the winning homerun and shot the final basket in the last two seconds of the game and the cavalry coming to save the day."


C. Calvin


“You made us relax and feel comfortable. You were friendly and verypersonable. Truly cares about helping us all andmaking us feel we all have something worthy to say. You were a wealth of information and very humble and helpful to each person.

J. Puspanjali


“Excellent! I learned a lot from you and I benefited from your presentation and enjoyed your way of teaching.”


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R. Escobar


"I think the program was great. I learned a lot and Ienjoyed every class. I like that you made us feel very comfortable and you shared your experiences with the class. You really changed my life.”



S. Chen


“Excellent. You were very comprehensive and effective, and very natural. You were practical, easy to understand and rememberable”



E. Ocampo

Government Employee

“Very organized and with sense to the subject discussed.”


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