October: Crime Prevention Month

October is Crime Prevention Month. Certainly there will be many programs offerred druing the month of October . The National Crime Prevention Council has several activities listed for Crime Prevention Month, many for children. Many crime prevention tips are available online. Here is one useful video on crime prevention.

Being the victim of a crime is something everyone wants to avoid. And though nothing is certain there is a lot that you can do to steer criminals away from you. This video offers you some quick tips to avoid crimes ranging from muggings to burglary to identity theft. Much more extensive information is available at the Colorado Springs Police Department's website at SpringsGov.com. There you'll find detailed tips and a list of the many crime prevention classes offered by the CSPD.

There is also another way to prevent or reduce crime. Teach our younsters the slogan which was so erroneously applied after the Ferguson shooting. Indeed, if Michael Brown had raised his hands, stood still, and shouted, "Don't Shoot," he would be alive today--perhaps in jail or prison, but alive. An additional slogan I created is "Comply, don't defy." Even if a person is erroneously targeted by a law enforcement officer, wouldn't it be better lose some time than lose your life simply because you decided to confront the officer?

Most of us have limited time and and monies to work in and aid those in the inner cities, yet we have sports superstars who have failed to walk their talk. Last year, the St. Louis Rams walked onto the football field with their hands raised in response to Michael Brown's shooting in Fergusen. The Los Angeles Lakers wore T-shirts emblazoned with the words "I Can't Breathe" in solidarity with those protesting the police killing of Eric Garner.

Well, where were they this past year during their off season? Did any Ram player go to Fergusen and mentor the fatherless children or invest their outlandishly rich income in Fergusen and create jobs for the highly unemployed youth? Has any Los Angeles Laker spend time in the inner cities of Los Angeles and invested the monies in these communites, build schools, or perhaps hire quality teachers to teach the children quality communication skills, negotiation skills and interview skills? Sure, there may have been a handful who set up sports camps, but there is so much more for the masses than just sports.


I have not finished my thoughts on how we can prevent crime. As I was attempting to finalize this blog, I heard of the mass murder in Oregon on this day, the first day of Crime Prevention Month where ten indivdiduals were shot and killed at Oregon's Umpqua Community College. Seven others were seriously injured.

Since this occurred on the first day of Crime Prevention Month, my question is how do we prevent mass murders? Many will likely jump again on the GUN CONTROL bandwagon. Others will discuss the mental health issues. I have my own thoughts; however, THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO DISCUSS the remedies of preventing mass murders. This is the time ONLY to pray for and console the families and friends of those who were killed and wounded. It is also time to pray for and console those who were not physically injured because the emotional trauma may continue long after the physical wounds have healed.

In the days to come, however, I will respond to what I believe is necessary to reduce and prevent mass murders. I hope you will add to the dialogue because it is extremely important to discuss this issue in a calm and reasonable manner while allowing acceptance of differences in opinion.

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